Frustrated With Your Thermometer?

Imagine This:

Frustrated staff struggling with unreliable thermometers, and Infection control teams facing the constant risk of contamination; all dealing with the mounting costs associated with traditional devices.

Here's How TRITEMP™ Helps

Staff empowered with reliable TRITEMP™ thermometers are confident in their ability to deliver fast and efficient readings. Infection control teams are assured that TRITEMPs™ contactless technology reduces infection risk.


Stop wasting time and resources on unreliable thermometers.

TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer delivers the accuracy and durability you need in a hassle-free support package.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TRITEMP™

A precision-engineered tool, designed to positively impact and better manage infection across healthcare globally. TRITEMP™ has proven to be the best temperature measuring solution for a wide variety of healthcare customers and medical facilities. We want to directly improve the lives of patients, nurses, hospitals, healthcare, and the planet. Frontline staff deserve the best tools so that they can, in turn, deliver the highest patient care.

Benefits of using a non-contact thermometer?

  • Safe and hygienic: Minimizes risk of spreading germs, ideal for shared environments.
  • Fast and convenient: Provides quick temperature readings within seconds.
  • Easy to use: Suitable for all ages, no complicated steps involved.

What are some applications for TRITEMP™?

  • Care In The Community: Ideal for daily temperature checks and monitoring potential fevers.

  • Hospitals Wards: Patient dignity is a top priority at TriMedika. Keep your patients comfortable, while also reducing your impact to the environment.

  • Schools and childcare facilities: Helps maintain a healthy environment for both children and adults alike.

Does TRITEMP™ have a warranty?

TRITEMP™ has a 2 year warranty provided the device has not been damaged in accordance with the IFU.

Does TRITEMP™ ship to me?

We ship TRITEMP™ worldwide, please see our shipping policy for more exact pricing.

For Orders Over 5 Units, Please Contact Us